Traffic Law

Traffic Law

Traffic violations may not always seem like a big deal, but the fact is, depending on the type of violation – and how many previous violations you’ve had – they can have a major impact on your life. Both DUIs and “regular” traffic tickets can result in points being placed on your license, and that could mean you’ll be paying much higher insurance costs in the coming years. If you’ve had prior violations, you could also be facing steep fines or even lose your license. For DUIs, your job could be at stake – you might even face jail time.

Know Your Options

Pleading guilty to a DUI or other violation may seem like the “easiest” and most hassle-free solution, but it could have significant consequences later on. A better solution: Talk to a lawyer about all your options. In many cases, a lawyer may challenge your arrest, which means your case could be thrown out before it ever reaches a court. Other times, the charges may be reduced to help you avoid serious consequences. In any event, knowing all your options will help you feel more confident if you do need to go to court, plus you’ll have your lawyer by your side, making sure your rights are protected and your “side” of the event is accurately represented.

Leading Traffic Lawyer in National Harbor, MD

The Law Firm of Sean McGuern has a long history of successfully fighting traffic violations, including DUIs, for our clients in National Harbor, Washington, D.C., and throughout Prince George and Montgomery Counties – even clients with multiple past violations on their record. If you’re facing any type of traffic violation, don’t plead guilty without first knowing all your options. Contact our firm and schedule a personal consultation today.